Bytes into Profits: How to Make Dollars from Your Website Traffic

Are you a businessman, marketer or just plain blogger? Are you sick and tired of creating and maintaining a website with nothing but the “you are the (insert a ridiculous large number here) guest” welcome sign to show for it? Would you rather see the dollar sign affix to those numbers rather than the suffix ‘visitor’ at the end? Fret no more! Here are a few tips that would convert your web traffic into a potential gold mine of loyal, paying customers.

merceFor online businesses and marketers, web traffic is one of the best signs that the products or services offered are becoming popular within a somewhat global market. There are numerous ways to divert different web users to one’s website such as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the pay-per-click sites. The real marker of online success, though, is if one can easily convert that heavy traffic to a corresponding profit or revenue.

No matter how kick-ass and user-friendly your website appears to be,  if you are having difficulty in bending your website guest’s will into buying whatever it is you are selling, then it may be high time to do the following:

Review your web content. Nobody wants to have various products or services thrown in their face without the necessary explanations as to what it is for. Remember that most customers want information first before even taking notice of that little “purchase now” button you have in the corner. And if the information they needed appears convoluted or too complicated to be understood by the average internet user, then your precious web traffic may not even last five seconds before closing the tab containing your web site. Offer articles or podcasts that are not only interesting, but can also be highly valuable to your potential client. For example, if your product is a multivitamin, you can post health articles that are related to your product – highlighting the benefits of taking and maintaining vitamins.

Offer a free online subscription. Encouraging your web visitors to join a weekly or monthly newsletter subscription serves as one great way in staying connected with your potential clients. It only not reminds them that you are still in business but also nurtures them by giving them information that they might deem useful and pique their interest on a regular basis. Any interest in your newsletter’s content will inevitably lead to a visit to your website in order to learn more about the information you have offered. We handle all our email marketing through Elite Email, but there are a wide variety of similar services that may fit your personal needs.

Offer special discounts, freebies, multiple payment options and a flexible return policy. Making your customers comfortable enough to deal and buy from you online entails a rather long, extending hand from your end. Free trials and money-back guarantees are usually offered to lure in customers to try the service or product for themselves without the risk of losing a single cent of their money. Furthermore special and/or surprise discounts make clients anticipate eagerly what your site may in store for them on their next visit.

Keep in mind that a successful entrepreneur always keeps his lines open. Be on the lookout for reviews and other feedbacks and use them as a basis for further improvement and innovation. Make your customer service accessible – maybe, even providing a toll free number for your clients’ benefit in order to hear their voice and opinion regarding your product and company.

A stress-free individual is a happy customer. If you take good care of them then it won’t be long before their money takes care of you too.